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Can my vintage piece be fixed?
In 95% of cases, the answer is yes! We stock a huge inventory of NOS (new old stock) vintage Swarovski,
Czech, French, and German stones, some Thermoset, and fruit salad stones, along with many shades and sizes of pearls, chain, and vintage findings. If you wish to know more specifically if we can fix one of your items, a couple of photos help us to see the piece and the repair needed and can give you a more accurate assessment.
Do you only work on vintage costume jewelry or do you work on new and contemporary pieces as well?
Absolutely! We do work on all types of jewelry, including new pieces, but we specialize in the proper methods and techniques needed to work on older costume jewelry.
Do you only work on jewelry or can you fix other items as well?
We have done repairs and restorations on all sorts of items including purses, hats, vintage cigarette holders, compacts, and other vanity type items. Please contact us with photos if you have a specific item you need repaired.
Do you have a price list?
All repairs start at $5.00. Because each piece is unique and needs different things, it is nearly impossible to have a set price list. I do, however, provide you with an estimate of the cost to do each piece before I begin work. That way, you can decide if it’s worth the money or not and you’ re not stuck with an unexpected high bill at end. Usually, my estimates are right on. Only occasionally do the expenses go over that number, but if they do, I always stop the work and contact to discuss numbers and options.

 Costs are based on materials/parts and labor. For example, if a piece requires a more expensive stone, then naturally, it will be more to repair it than something with a less expensive stone. Or, in the instance of restringing, doing a knotted pearl necklace will be more expensive that a regular strung necklace because it is more laborious and requires a lot more time. Same thing with enameling; redoing a piece with 10 different colors is going to be higher than redoing a piece with just 1 color.
If you’ re not sure about something, you are welcome to send me a good photo and I will do my best to give you a good “ballpark” estimate from that.
Do you work on vintage FINE jewelry?
We work on chain repairs, sterling and some gold, depending on what it needs. If it’s simply a new clasp, cleaning, semi-precious stones such as garnets and turquoise, etc, we can do that. However, we don't do gemstone replacement, replacement prongs, or plating. We are also unable to do ring sizing at this time. But, if you have a question about a piece, please contact us.
Do you buy vintage costume jewelry?
Yes, I do! I like to buy “lots” of jewelry, pieces and such that I use in repairs. I also buy individual pieces that need a little work. Contact us if you are interested in selling.
What do I need to get started with requesting a repair?
Simply fill out the repair form found here REPAIR FORM and be sure to include a copy with your repairs. Filling out the form helps me to understand what you are wanting to see with the final results of the repair. Mail it to the address on the instruction sheet, which is a secured PO Box. Once I receive it, I will email you to notify you of its arrival. After I've had a chance to prepare your estimate, I email that to you and when I receive your approval on costs, I begin work. I email you again once the work is complete. It’s that easy.
What form of payment do you accept?
I prefer Paypal. I send a Paypal invoice to you at work’s completion. I can accept Visa and Mastercard through Paypal and you don't need a Paypal account for this. I can also accept personal checks, but will wait for it to clear before I return the jewelry..
How do you ship my repaired pieces(s)?
Right now, we’ re using USPS because it’s the most cost-effective service for our clients. We will add as much insurance to the package as you wish to have. We highly recommend getting insurance coverage and, especially in the case of high-end pieces or those with sentimental value, signature confirmation is also a good idea.
Do you replating?
Do you convert clip on ear rings to pierced?
A note about welding and soldering...
No we do not do replating. Costume jewelry used different types of finishes throughout the years. Though we've tried to replicate the finishes, the results were never up to our standards, and the cost always exceeded the value of the piece. Therefore we are not performing any plating.
No we do not. We've found that in trying to do this conversion, the results are rarely good and certainly do not meet our expectations. It ends up doing more harm than good to the earrings.
Costume jewelry was/is often made of metal alloys (combination of different metals). Since we don't know the content of the metal on any given piece, unless marked 925, we are guessing as to how it will react to welding/soldering. Some pieces react very well and others not so much. We do our best to examine the piece to get an understanding of what we MIGHT be faced with but it is no guarantee. Because of this situation, we make NO guarantees on how long the weld might hold or if it will not cause additional damage to the piece. It is our policy that if we receive your approval to proceed and it does not hold or causes further damage to the piece we will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for the damage and you will still be charged for the time to attempt the repair.
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