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Vintage Costume Jewelry For Sale
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Item #1: Signed HAR brooch Signed Har brooch with baroque pearls and green lava stones. In excellent condition with a couple tiny scratches on pearls and a little plate wear on back. $45
Item #2: Signed vintage Chanel Gripoix glass brooch –Signed plaque with Coco Chanel logo, made in France and 1984. Authenticated by Chanel expert and in beautiful vintage condition. Topaz and sapphire blue gripoix glass. There’s a couple of chips in the glass, but all rhinestones are present. $799
Item #3: Signed Swarovski hot air balloon brooch – bright colored enamel with tear drop emerald stone. In excellent condition with Swarovski swan mark $45
Item #4: Signed Swarovski violin and bow brooch with tag – in like new condition with original Swarovski tag and Swarovski swan logo $45
Item #5: Signed Joan Rivers Maltese Cross – Book piece and in excellent condition. Signed on back $50
Item #6: Signed Oscar De La Renta key brooch – Unusual find. Molded glass stones. In excellent condition signed “Oscar” on back. $50
Item #7: Smithsonian Institute replica of the Hope Diamond brooch – Excellent condition and signed on round plaque on the bottom of the back. $45
To purchase jewelry
Write down numbers/names of the pieces you want. Click on the email link below and let us know which piece(s) you are interested in and we will send you a Paypal invoice.

We use a variety of packing materials including bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing paper, and foam. All pieces ship in a jewelry box for protection. Most pieces will ship via First class mail with tracking. Shipping starts at $3.50 and goes up according to weight. We do offer FREE shipping on all orders over $100.

We do not offer returns or exchanges at this time. We want you to be happy with your purchase, so we strongly encourage you to ask questions and let us know if you require additional photos.
However, sometimes things do happen, in spite of our awesome packing skills. If you receive a piece and there’s an issue, please notify us within 24 hours of receipt so we can work out a solution.

We have a huge designer inventory, so be sure to let us know if there’s something specific you’re looking for. What is currently listed is only a tiny fraction of the pieces I have for sale.
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Item #8: Signed Crown Trifari shades of green earrings –dimensional with emerald, tourmaline, peridot, and peridot AB rhinestones. Excellent condition $32
Item 9: Signed KJL turquoise earrings – Excellent condition $32
Item #10: Forever Violet earrings by Elizabeth Taylor for Avon – Part of the Forever Violet collection and in excellent condition tourmaline hearts and amethyst stones with faux pearls. Signed with script E and Elizabeth Taylor Avon $60
Item #12: Signed Dior Germany earrings – Excellent condition. Signature reads Chr. Dior Germany $50
Item #11: Signed Miriam Haskell earrings – Yellow glass beads and baroque pearls wired on with metal flower with topaz rhinestone. Really pretty and in very good condition. The only mar is a couple of dark spots on the bottom of the pearl dangles $45
Item #13: Signed Joan Rivers earrings – Excellent condition heart dangle earrings with jet black and clear rhinestones. $32
Item #14: Smokey topaz and clear rhinestone set – Unsigned but possibly a Weiss design. This bracelet and earring set has been restoned using the original colors of stones. Excellent condition $75
Item #15: Signed Crown Trifari brooch and earring set – Alfred Phillipe design called “Star Flower” and is a well-known book piece. In excellent condition – only mar is plate wear on the pin swivel. $75
Item #16: Signed Crown Trifari Golden Leaves clamp bracelet and earrings – Excellent condition. Only mar is a tiny bit of wearing off of the gold plating on one edge of the bracelet, but unnoticeable. Bracelet has been restoned. $65
Item #17: Signed Dior necklace with blue Lapis-like stones – Glass Lapis stones and rhinestones. In excellent condition. Signed Chr. Dior on clasp, as well as a CD hang tag. $70
Item #18: Signed Weiss necklace – Signed Weiss on clasp hook, excellent condition. Light sapphire blue and Aurora Borealis stones. $60
Item #19: Signed Weiss necklace – Signed Weiss on clasp hook, excellent condition. Black diamond and clear rhinestones. $60
Item #20: Signed Coro Pegasus bracelet – One of the prettiest Coro pieces I’ve seen – runs small, though. Excellent condition. $55
Item #21: Signed Kirks Folly Puppy Love charm bracelet – Several breed charms: dalmation, Yorkie, Scottie, poodle along with other puppy relatd charms. In excellent condition. Only mar is a small part of gold on the back of the dalmation is missing. $50
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