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“...I love how you take such good care of your customers. Six weeks ago, when I thought it was going to take you a bit longer I sent 10 items to someone else to take care of. I just got them back on Monday - of the pieces, over half the stones were loose in the plastic. The customer service was very poor. So, when I opened your package, I just had to smile - I will not be sending my jewelry to anyone other than you! “

“You have absolutely no idea the difference in what you do, to keep your jewelry repairs safe and sound in comparison to some! I am so happy - not one single piece had any damage to it - it was all in perfect order when it arrived, and I am very pleased with the way every single piece turned out! I have more pieces to send to you. Thank you so very much for doing such a fabulous....job in making my repairs looks so great!”

“I received the package yesterday. Wow. I can't believe those are the same pieces I sent you. So beautiful.”

“I received the beautifully packaged parcel yesterday. I'm over the moon! I can't believe what an incredible job you did with each and every piece! They are even more perfect then I had expected. Thank you for your wonderful work. I am so pleased. Wow you are amazing. . .”

“The bracelet turned out stunning! You did a fabulous job. I couldn't be more pleased.”

“Oh, my ,gosh. The box of jewelry arrived yesterday. There is no doubt that you can work miracles. Are these my jewels?... I have it all thanks to you and your miracles. I appreciate the work you do and how quickly you can get some of this stuff done. I can tell you love the jewelry you work on.”

 “I received the package. The butterfly is gorgeous again and the necklace is ready to wear. Thank you so very much!! I will recommend you to anyone that needs costume jewelry repaired!!”

 “My package arrived this afternoon and everything is just beautiful! The Miriam Haskell necklace is a work of art. Thank You.”

“OMG too BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS.....I cannot believe how beautiful you made my bracelet. It is gorgeous. I was always hesitant to buy a piece of jewelry that had a stone or two missing from it. I'm not now. You are my GOTO jewelry repair girl and all my friends will hear about it. WOW.... Excellent service. Now I won't be afraid to bid on that piece that I love or go to an estate sale and wish I could get something fixed.”

“You are amazing. I hear folks talking about you everywhere.”

“I receive the necklace and it's more beautiful than the day I purchased it! Thank you so much for your wonderful work. I am so pleased. I am sure I will be in need of your services in the future. “

 “I received my Aunt's jewelry back yesterday.. You did a wonderful job of cleaning and repairing. I appreciate all your attention to detail and your careful handling.. I can now wear it with pride and relish the memories. “