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Please follow the procedures for having your pieces repaired:
1. Fill out Repair Request Form either electronically or fill in by hand (please print). It is important we receive a repair form with each package you send. Your order cannot be processed without it.
2. Make sure to fill in all the requested information on the form. (please be as specific as possible)
3. Number each piece with a tag or by placing it in a bag with the corresponding line item number on the request form.
4. Mark the stones you want changed out with marker or some other indicator so we make sure to remove the correct stone(s).
5. If the piece needing repaired needs to match others, please send both pieces, i.e., send both earrings even if only 1 earring needs repaired, for comparison.
6. Mail items with the repair form included with your package.
7. Ship your package to the following address:

                                                                           Attn: Melissa Schultz 
                                                                           8651 Hwy. N Suite 2001
                                                                           Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

**For your jewelry's safety, we recommend you use TJRCo rather than our company name spelled out

8. We highly recommend you insure your package for the value you place on the items.
9. Once we receive your package we will send you an email that we have received package.
10. We will go through your items and assess each piece. The time frame in which this will happen will vary based on our current workload.
11. We will fill in the estimated repair cost part of the form and email it back to you.
12. Email us back with which items you want to proceed with repairing.
13. Once we have your approval we will begin the repairs.
14. After the repairs completed we will send you an email letting you know we are done.
15. You will then receive an email from PAYPAL notifying you of amount due.
16. Follow link and make your payment with PAYPAL or with a major credit card of your choice. Note: you do not have to have a PAYPAL account.
17. Once we receive notice of payment received, we will then package and ship your repaired items.
18. Our standard insurance coverage is $100. Please inform us if you want additional coverage.
19. You will receive email from the shipping company with the tracking information.

Complete printed form and include with your repairs. By sending your repairs in, you agreeing to our terms and conditions.
TJRC Repair Form
Click on REPAIR FORM button above. A new page will open up with the form in a PDF format. You can save the form to your computer or print by moving mouse to lower right hand corner of page. You will see the "save" icon or the "print" icon . If you wish to get form in Microsoft Word, please contact us.