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         The pieces we are repairing are quite old, in some circumstances, and even though we take great care to handle the piece, accidents do happen.  We will not be liable for such damages.

        If we get a piece in that we feel repairing will cause more damage, we reserve the right refuse the piece and return the piece to you.

         We will contact you to discuss any issues we might have repairing a piece before we proceed any further.

         We take every precaution in preparing items for shipping by carefully wrapping, using a variety of packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, and paper.  We are not responsible for damage that may occur during shipping.



         We charge $5.00 per piece to assess the item, determine the repairs needed, and communicate our recommendation to you. 

        Because each piece in unique, we cannot provide an estimate without evaluating the piece.

        If you have an unusual piece, stone, or repair needed, please email a picture before sending to ensure repair can be made.

        If you proceed with work the $5.00 charge will be applied to the repair cost of the item.

        This credit is only for the piece being repaired. Example, if you send us 3 pieces and are charged an initial $15 and only get 1 of the 3 pieces repaired; only $5.00 will be applied to the repair cost, not the full $15 fee.

        You will receive an estimate for the total cost of all repairs.

         Once you have approved the work we will proceed.

         All processing is gone through PAYPAL account services.

        You will receive a final invoice via PAYPAL.  You can pay with PAYPAL or major credit card.

        Payment is expected within 14 days.  Contact us immediately if other arrangements need to be made.

        Repaired pieces will not be shipped until payment has been made in full.



        If we have not received payment for repaired pieces within 30 days with no communication, piece will become property of The Jewelry Repair Company and all right of possession is forfeited.

         You must notify us within 7 business days of any problems with your repaired items.



        We take before and after photos of every piece received.

         We reserve the right to use these photos for our marketing purposes.

         Names/company names will never be identified in conjunction with the piece being shown on our site.



         We do not share any of your information to any third party.

         We do offer stone matching services or information.

         Stock of stones and supplies are for repairs only and not offered for sale.

         We are not responsible for repair packages in transit and out of our hands. 

         It is for this reason we highly recommend getting insurance. 

         If pieces are extremely valuable or have sentimental value, we recommend adding the signature confirmation service both ways.         


** Due to our Christian beliefs and values, we respectfully decline working on any piece that is devil, Buddah, or astrology related **