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I guess you could say that the love of costume jewelry is in my blood.  As a girl, I remember going to my Grandmotherís house in Iowa, and she would always pull out her box full of beads.  Oh, how my sister and I loved to play with them!   We were completely fascinated and would play with them for hours, so itís not surprising that my sister and I both are in the vintage costume jewelry business. 

In my office, I have two sets of vintage costume jewelry in shadow boxesĖ one from my Grandmother and one from my husbandís Grandmother.  These arenít just decorations, they are links to the past and they remind me of why I love doing repairs and restorations: to maintain and preserve the beauty of each piece for the next generation.

Though I repair all kinds of costume pieces, vintage jewelry captured my heart and my imagination.  These pieces are not just pretty sparkly things to me, they are pieces of history, and thatís how I treat each piece that comes to me Ė with the respect and great care they deserve.   ~ Melissa

Grandma Bixby 
Grandma Schultz
Why We're Different
We specialize in Repairing and restoring vintage costume jewelry including:
Stone removal
Stone setting
Verdigris removal
Repairing clasps, pin stems, jump rings
Re-stringing and chain repairs
Enameling (repainting pieces)
Complete restoration
Rhinestone design
Spot plating
Hard to find and unique stone replacment
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